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Learning is actually a natural process, which is the outcome of need and demand. It starts creating opportunity for students to express their views and elaborate their points using opportunities. The main objective of 3DES is to evaluate the work of L&D department. This mainly focuses on customer’s need and to fulfill their demand. Providing customer with accurate material and on time. Students have to understand all the objectives of this field to elaborate their views.

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Activity 1.1:

The knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are needed to be an effective HR or L&D practitioner and three main specialist knowledge essential for the role

An HR person plays different roles and fulfills different responsibilities in an organization. The basic roles and responsibilities and HR serves are managing the life cycle of an employee that is recruiting, hiring, onboarding training, and assessing the needs of an employee (Ahmed et al., 2018). The HR department serves as a bridge between the employees and the organization. An HR recruits candidates based on their actual needs as the organization, trains, and develops their skills to fit in the working conditions of the organization. They formulate policies and strategies on how the employees are to be conducted daily (Koohang et al., 2017). They also conduct disciplinary actions so that a peaceful environment in the organization is maintained. They maintained a timely employee record and renewed policy regularly according to the need. They also conduct benefit analysis to have the best idea of what would be better for the development of the organization.

The main specialist skill and knowledge that they should have to be an efficient HR are-

  • Communication Skill: HR should be able to express themselves in clear language (Shamim et al., 2016). They should have the ability to communicate either with the customers or your employees so that there is no confusion regarding the work ok or customer satisfaction.
  • Decision-Making Knowledge: As HR deals with the recruiting process of the organization they should be able to make decisions accordingly whether the preferred candidate is fit for the job opportunity or not. There are other decisions that they need to make and that should be done wisely.

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