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In this topic many other topics and concepts are interlinked as the most important concept under this is High-performance working. It is very important to understand the concept of HPW and the contribution done by this team for sustainable performance of organization. For improving the performance of organization it is vital to understand the management of managers for high-performance task.

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Human resource plays an important part in the organisational operations. Developing the plan and reinforcing the plan in the organisational operation is important task of the Human Resource department. From the process of recruitment and selection of the employee to managing and evaluating the performance is important part of Human Resource department. Planning a successful strategy to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organisations is also an important part for Human Resource. In this report the contribution of human resource will be analysed with the reference of CIPD map. Various aspect of how human resource contributes in the organisation will also be analysed (Harrison et al., 2021).

Role and Contribution of HR

The Chartered Institute of Personnel or CIPD map defines that when value based decisions are made by the human resource that has positive impact for the organisations. Often times CIPD maps are being used to make positive changes in the organisations. Professional values are one of the most important aspects of human resource in organisations; likewise professional value is also an important aspect of CIPD map. Effective communication is one of the most crucial aspects of human resource; the effective communication process contributes in positive feedback from the employee that has professional value for the organisations (Roper, and Higgins, 2020).

Figure 1: CIPD map

(Source: Harrison et al., 2021)

Thinking performer is another aspect of human resource. Thinking performer defines the situation where HR professional have right skill, knowledge and appropriate behaviour present. As an example the thinking performer aspect of the HR will help the organisation to keep an effective relation with the customer. Thinking performer aspect of the HR helps the organisation to achieve the organisational goal with efficiency (Griggs and Allen, 2018).

Development planning and activity for the employee in the organisation is another important measure form CIPD maps. In order to achieve the organisational goal, HR needs to develop proper strategy and insight for the employee. Motivating and encouraging employee to achieve the personal as well as organisational goal is another major task for the human resource in the organisations (Alsuliman and Elrayah, 2021).

According to CIPD professional maps there are four bands present for the human resource department. The band one defines the process where HR professionals make who is responsible for making an effective relation with customer and also take care of different administrative functions. Band two defines the situation where HR professionals make major decision regarding HR policies. The band three involves HR professionals and stakeholder of the organisations. Band four involves Human Resource professionals who make long strategic plan for the organisations (Zirar, Trusson and Choudhary, 2020).

My current HR position can be well defined by the band 1 from the CIPD professional map. As I have recently joined in this organisation, my job is to analyse and process various data and provide information according to that. I want to move from band 1 to band 2, in order to move, I have to solve several complicated HR problems. Focusing on the team and understanding the organisational goal will help me to move from band 1 to band 2 (Zirar, Trusson and Choudhary, 2020).

Project Management Technique

Project management is one of the most important tasks for the human resource professionals. The project management involves lots factors such as, knowledge, experience and soft and hard skills. The purpose of the project management is to meeting the requirements for the projects. Project management helps the organisations to achieve the organisational goals. In this organisation, I was part of the selection and recruitment process of customer care employee (Zirar, Trusson and Choudhary, 2020). I was responsible for developing proper advertisement for the job recruitment. Apart from that, scheduling interviews, asking the candidate to provide appropriate documents was my task as a project manager. Before the final interview I have recruited several employee based on their qualification. In this organisation, a candidate has to go through this process before appearing for final interview (Chyhryn et al., 2019).

Figure 2: Role of Human Resource department

(Source: Radujković and Sjekavica, 2017)


When the need of the new employee for the customer care service was needed, the manager of this organisation identify as a potential person to conduct this process. In this process, the human resource manager provided appropriate training to me. In this process, I have used initiation as a management technique for the new employment process (Radujković and Sjekavica, 2017). This process I have developed advertisement for recruitment that is distributed in the right media channels. After this, an initial screening of the candidate was done by me; this is important step of initiation management technique. I have done significant amount of background search for the candidate, background information is important aspect of employee recruitment. In this process, I have maintained an effective communication process with my authority (Radujković and Sjekavica, 2017).

Monitoring and Controlling

In this organisation I have used monitoring and controlling as a part of management technique. After the recruitment process monitoring and controlling is needed for the newly appointed employee. The purpose of monitoring was to identify the skill gap among the employee. If those newly appointed employee understood the organisational goal correctly was another important part of monitoring. Monitoring is an important management technique, because organisation provides appropriate training programme based on monitoring. I was assigned to control the employee to maintain a productive atmosphere. I have controlled these employees to achieve the organisational goals fast (Demirkesen and Ozorhon, 2017).

Problem Solving Techniques within an HR Context

There are several problems that arose by the employees of various departments. The human resource personnels are responsible for resolving those issues in a way that satisfies the employees along with ensuring the organisation gets benefits. There are two major techniques including root cause analysis and the ‘5 Whys’ method that can be implemented in order to resolve the issues. The root cause analysis technique can be implemented in order to reach the root of the problem along with finding the most suitable solution that is permanent (Veerasamy et al., 2019). However, the ‘5 Whys’ method is applied in order to understand the source of the problem by asking why five times until the source of the issue is getting disclosed. This method has been proven helpful in getting deeper into the issue in order to find the solution that can address the main cause (Winkler et al., 2021). Moreover, ‘5 Whys’ method is responsible for providing opportunities to the HR in developing a solution that is long term.

The organisation was dealing with poor performance from the last two years due to inefficient performance from the employees. As a human resource personnel I implemented the ‘5 Whys’ technique in order to reach the underlying cause of the poor performance of the employees. In order to understand the causes I asked five questions. Those questions included why have employees been coming late to work? Why have employees been taking longer to complete the allocated tasks? Why have employees been getting involved in conflicts with their colleagues? Why has absenteeism maximised in the last two years? Why the rate of employees quitting the company has maximised?

These questions helped me realise the underlying cause of the problem. I observed that the employees are looking for increased salaries along with other benefits. Moreover, the organisational policies are not compassionate with the employees. However, the work environment was not comfortable for the employees (Winkler et al., 2021). Therefore, I consulted with the management in order to increase the salaries of the employees along with installing air conditioners. It proved to be a successful plan as the performance of the employees were doubled within the next six months.

I have implemented a root cause analysis technique in order to understand the main reason behind the decreased performance of the employees. In the last organisation, the employees were protesting for more than a week. However, the human resource department had no idea about the reason for the protesting. While dealing with the problem I did not take any immediate steps to withdraw the protest (Veerasamy et al., 2019). I focused on analysing the root cause of the protest. After analysing the facts I realised that the employees were protesting as they were forced to overwork for the last two years that demotivated them and encouraged them to strike. Therefore, I made the management team to realize the situation and the human resource department of that organisation employed more employees in order to reduce the workload that resolved the problem and the employees withdrew the protest.

The Elements of Group Dynamics

CIPD has referred to the dynamics of organization as the ability of the professionals to work together. However, the human resource professionals are also responsible for functioning as an individual or in a group in order to achieve the desired goals of the organisations. In an organisation it is very common to perform as a team in order to complete the allocated task. Therefore the human resource professionals are responsible for making the employees interact efficiently along with performing cooperatively in order to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the organisation.

According to the CIPD Profession map, the group development model proposed by Bruce Tuckman has mentioned about five stages including forming, storming, and norming and adjourning (Serenhov et al., 2021). The first stage forming is responsible for developing the group that is led by a leader in order to perform an allocated task. In this stage the leader disseminates the information regarding the role and responsibilities of the employees. The employees pretend to get along at this stage. However, in the second stage storming, the conflicts arise as the working styles of the employees are different. In this stage the group members get down to problems that are resolved by the team leader while building trust within the employees. The third stage is norming where the differences between the employees are resolved and they perform cooperatively in order to meet the desired goals (Jones, 2019). However, the next stage is performing where the goal is achieved by collaborative hard work. In this stage the collaboration and productivity is highest. At the last stage adjourning the team is dismissed after the desired goals are achieved.

In the group dynamics the HR helps in developing the team according to the requirements along with resolving the conflicts between the employees of management and financial departments in order to build an efficient team.

Figure 3: Tuckman Team development model

Source: (Jones, 2019)

Conflict Resolution Methods


Negotiation is one of the most common methods of resolving conflict. In this conflict resolution method the human resource professionals directly communicate with both the parties who are involved in the conflict in order to reach an amicable solution (Tabassi et al., 2019). This can be used when employees receive comments on their performances and they do not agree with it. Therefore, the human resource personnel need to personally negotiate with the employees along with providing advice in order to improve the performance.


In this method of conflict resolution the human resource manager avoids the conflict completely. For example, the employees may have conflict among their colleagues who got promoted. In this case, the human resource personnel will not be able to resolve the conflict as it is not possible to promote all the employees. This technique can be implemented in order to deal with issues that are not genuine or serious (Jung et al., 2018). However, it has been observed that this technique is cheap as it does not involve any resources.


It has been observed that conflicts mostly arise in group dynamic settings in order to pressurise to improve the working conditions (Wong et al., 2018). In this case as a human resource professional I apply smoothing as a conflict resolving tool and will convince the management team of the organisation to improve the working condition in order to resolve the conflict. As the organisational performance depends on the individual performance of the employees, these tools will be effective in improving the performance of the employees.

Methods of influencing, persuading and negotiating

One of the major issues that I traced from my organization is the duplication related to work agendas within the employees. As the organization has several employees and every person works on their individual spreadsheets or flowcharts thus often duplication of works was witnessed and different employees were traced to perform the same work. Such activities results in conflicts and confusion among the working environment. In order to make the operations more transparent and to resolve such issues an approach of listening to the employees and understanding their views were included. It was further negotiated as well as evaluated and process and materials were processed to identify and assign task for every individual. The task and the employees were evaluated to assign the task to the suitable and specific workers so that duplication could be overcome (Elrayah, 2021). I also included activity charts of every process including to whom the person shall report and the reporting times. It further streamlined the process.

As a human resource manager, I was responsible to organize the entire matter. In order to negotiate, persuade and influence the decisions, I carefully listened to the requirements of the members however; I maintained and established my point to the other members in a calm manner. As a result the all the members understood the need of implementing such system and followed similar process and duplication of work was reduced.

However, I even identified another issue with in the Human Resource department and it was a lack of “face to face” conversation within the department. The members used emails as a method of communication. However, the process became complex as a single member would receive more than 50 mails. The piles of e-mails made the communication process complex. Members also missed certain e-mails. Such situations gave rise to misunderstandings that resulted in major conflicts (People and Zhang, 2021).

As a result; the task was also not completed on the scheduled time. In order to solve such problems, I influenced my team members to include improved communication methods within the team. It required an agreement from both the sides including the members and higher authorities. I recommend using communication methods such as including scheduled meetings, face to face conversations, following on the unanswered emails. In case the communication is not clear, then the summarized email could be sent to the members that shall eliminate confusions and also reduce the email traffic. Such communication shall help to make more effective and productive working environment. The result was a positive result and it created effective working environment (Le and Thao, 2021). The communication gap was reduced. It gave more confidence to the employees and motivated the team, eliminating the involved confusions. In order to influence, persuade as well as negotiate the decision, I has emphasized on the positive perspectives of my views and revealed that how it shall reduce the communication gap and that it shall increase the organizational performance.


Human resource plays an important part in the organisations. Enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the organisations is the key measure for human resource department. There are several aspects present in CIPD professional form that helps HR to enhance their performance. The human resource department also makes strategy, HR policies for the organisations. Initiation, Monitoring and Controlling are the important management technique often used by human resource department. Conflict among employee is common among employee. However negotiation and accommodating are the important management technique to resolve conflict among employee.

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