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This unit of CIPD mainly focuses on relationship between employers which affects organization and also helps to develop employer friendly environment. This area of CIPD helps students to learn ore on employer relationships in organization. It deals with issues which are related to theoretical and strategically related to relations of employers.

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Relevant literature on the subject employee engagement suggests that it is a psychological state of being, experienced by employees. The group of occupational psychologists at Utrecht University however defined employee engagement or “work engagement” as a mental state wherein employees exhibited absorption, dedication and vigor. The primary dimensions of employee engagement are emotional engagement, physical engagement and cognitive engagement. Emotional engagement refers to the state of being where an employee is emotionally invested in his or her work (Macey and Schneider, 2008). Physical engagement refers to the attitude where an employee is willing to put more effort, and go the extra mile for his or her employer and cognitive engagement is the state where individuals are thoroughly focused in their work.

Employee engagement benefits both employees and employers. Studies show that better employee engagement is directly related to a happier, healthier and motivated workforce. Offices which take employee engagement in high regard record fewer cases safety incidents, thus ensuring higher employee safety. Engaged workspaces are more likely to be more aware of the needs of the employees which in turn ensures their better health and happiness. Moreover, when employees are engaged, they are motivated to put more efforts and work towards the goals of their team and their organization. This leads to lower absenteeism, increased employee loyalty and thus increased productivity and profitability.

Employee engagement is not the same as job quality, management action or employee behavior. All these concepts are distinctly dissimilar. Job quality refers to whether or not an individual’s efforts and work is valued in an organization. A quality job means that an employee’s contribution is respected and his or her opinions are heard. On the other hand employee behavior is the response of an employee to a certain situation in the workplace. None of these concepts are similar to employee engagement as it is a psychological state about the way they feel about their job and their working environment.

Activity 1.2

In order to realize the true benefits of employee engagement, it vital for an organization to align their engagement practices to their corporate components, for example, their mission statement or their vision statement, or their corporate and their plans to achieve those objectives. So in order for the company to achieve these objectives and goals, alignment of engagement and organizational goals is of utmost essence. Individual employees also have goals and aims of their own in their lives and careers. Aligning these goals with the corporate objectives will maximize the profits and success of the organization as a whole. Companies might have to implement policies or modify existing policies to provide growth opportunities or increments to boost the morale of employees or motivate and energise them. Thus aligning employee engagement helps achieve corporate goals because employees feel involved in the working of the organization. Managers can make efforts by maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace and help employees with opportunities of promotions and growth. This in turn would ensure that employees work harder to achieve targets. It is important to ascertain that employees are satisfied in a company because dissatisfied employees would not be willing to put in their best effort and offer the best services. This can lower the energy and hence the productivity of other employees in the team and the workplace. So managers should focus on the satisfaction of their employees. When employees are not restricted and are allowed to innovate their own methods to solve crises, they work more diligently towards achieving targets of the company without fearing about losing their jobs because they are provided incentives and rewards in recognition of their efforts. Thus alignment of employee engagement practices to corporate components leads is crucial as it results in the creation of a more productive workplace and hence increased productivity and better achievement of goals.

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This unit is very interesting for people who are interested in exploring more on Human resource management in corporate sector. In this unit students will understand that how an employer involves in organization’s development. To attain sustainable performance of organization how employers work in every front. It helps to discuss more on conflicts and misbehaviour nature of employs which affect company adversely

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