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Today coaching, mentoring are playing critical role to improve their skills. These institutes are playing vital role in student empowerment. Coaching or training institutes are providing training to a group of students and also helps to enhance their skill or personal development. This topic mainly focuses on individual development in the given time frame.

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Activity 1.1:

  1. Concept of Coaching and How it Differs from Mentoring and Other L&D methods

According to Flaherty (2010), coaching is “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.” (p.23).From the definition of it, we can say that coaching is an interactive process where the coach effectively defines the process in a way where the individual finds it easy to develop their own personal and professional skills to be effectively carry out their daily lives in more efficient ways.

Coaching and mentoring, both the concepts creates confusion and for that matter, people often interchangeably uses coaching and mentoring as the same thing, however, both are different ways of providing learning and development to an individual. Coaching effectively is a short-term process which follows a highly formal and structured approach. On the other hand, mentoring is a long term process which is based on the mutual respect and trust and is highly focused on the creating an informal association between the mentor and the mentee. Coaching is more kind of performance driven whereas, mentoring is more development driven (Downey, 2003). Moreover, coaching is different from all other L&D methods such as simulations, roleplaying and on-the-job training.

  1. Types and Styles of Coaching

The three types of coaching are as follows:

  • Executive Coaching- This type of coaching tends to be focused on assisting the senior leaders within the business organization to enhance their leadership abilities and personal performances. Tis coaching is provided by an external coach (Biswas-Diener, 2009).
  • Leadership Coaching- This type of coaching helps the leaders within an organization to improve their leadership competencies and capabilities. In here, the coach has previous experience as a senior leader with a business organization and hence effectively understands the organizational and cultural issues that can impact anyone at the leadership position (Biswas-Diener, 2009).
  • Career Coaching- This type of coaching helps an individual in terms of their career and future career advancements. The coach uses various methods such as counselling and advising to help the individuals to develop new insights regarding their career (Biswas-Diener, 2009).

The two styles of coaching are as follows:

  • Autocratic- This coaching style effectively is solely based on the coach’s own insights and inputs and coachee does not have any say in terms of providing inputs. The coach, with this style articulates a vision for what needs to attained and the employees are expected to follow as per the coach’s ways (Biswas-Diener, 2009).
  • Democratic Coaching- This coaching style facilitates decision making and goal setting with insights and inputs from the individuals or the coachee instead of solely dictating all the process (Biswas-Diener, 2009).
  1. Analysis of the Stages in a One-to-One Coaching Process and the Roles of Coach and Coachee

One to one coaching is designed to help people create change in themselves. Usually this means improving a skill or capability in order to achieve a personal objective. In here, the coach and coachee work in tandem where the coach understand the gaps in the skills and knowledge level of the coachee and then helps the coachee in overcoming those gaps. It helps the coachee in improving their own self-awareness as well as all their skills (Flaherty, 2010).

The different stages of one-to-one coaching process are:

  • Counselling- In here, the coach counsels the coachee so to understand the current skills and knowledge level of the coachee and also to understand their need.
  • Setting Goal- In here, both the coach and coachee sets a goal which need to be achieved.
  • Focusing on the Positive- In here, the coach focuses on the positives of the coachee and strengthen the same while keeping an eye on the weaknesses or negatives.
  • Exploring Areas of Opportunity- In here, coach identifies areas of opportunity and pushes coachee to explore it so to understand their position.
  • Document the Progress- In here, coach documents the progresses made by the coachee so to keep pushing on to achieve more.
  • Follow up- In here, the coach follows up on all loopholes and tries to plug in and provides help for the coachee to gain new skills and abilities to achieve the desired goals.

The coach sets clear goals and asks the coachee to do more so to achieve those goals. They provide the tools, structure and support to the employees to achieve more. The coachee, on the other hand gives right assessment to the coachee so to define the needs which need to be fulfilled and in the process shows full commitment to the coach and the coaching process (Downey, 2003)

Potential Benefits of Coaching for Coach and Coachee

Benefits for Coaches

  • The coaches get the exposure and experience which will come in handy for them in the future while coaching others.
  • They gain new perspectives about coaching and can use the same in their future coaching assignments.
  • It gives them a financial stability and a source of income.
  • Establishes new networks and helps them in building new relationships.

Benefits for the Coachee

  • It keep the coachee on track in terms of their personal development and learning.
  • Provides them with space to think and analyse.
  • It challenges their thinking and thought process.
  • Provides them with honest feedbacks.
  • Helps the coachee to stay positive in different and uncertain times.

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