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This subject refers to supporting good practice in managing employment relations. This topic is very important when a company employs someone new to makeover a working relationship from the very first. There are many factors which impact and give effect to the employment relationships. This subject help learners to understand the relations between employs and establish a good atmosphere in working area.

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Activity 1.1:

(AC1.1) Describe 4 factors, 2 internal and 2 external, which impact on the employment relationship.

Employment relationship is the relation or the bond between the employees and the employers. It is extremely essential to maintain a strong bonding within the employees as well as with the employers. This makes the organisation in having a smooth management system. Referring to the article of Budd and Bhave (2019), it has been noted that in maintaining human resource management or HRM, the primary factor of concern is building a strong relationship within the workers of the organisation, so that there could be effective communication, less conflicts and huge productivity. Thus, based on this, the factors that impact on the employee or employment relationship can be identified. Factors like resource availability, innovations in the organisations are the two most common considerable internal factors. Apart from this, there are political and economic factors which are considerable external factors.

Resources availability:

Referring to the article of Naseer et al. (2018), it has been noted that the organisation needs to avail all kinds of resources including sufficient employees, peers, staff-men in the workplace so there is availability of resources and no such resource limiting condition is created. This is because resource limiting situations create extra tension and pressure on the employees which makes the employees lose their mental pace and get irritated which actually leads to conflicts and also lack of employee retention. Therefore, the local water park should strategize their work plan in a manner that umpteenth resources are available to the customers to facilitate their visit and also maintain the work pressure of the employees.


Referring to the article of Matuzeviciute et al. (2017), it has been noted that innovations play a major role in employment. This is because innovations are required for developing a company in the competitive market and in the case of organisations that promote innovations, mostly develop the culture of asking ideas from the employees so that the employees feedback can be obtained. This would not only involve the employees but also boost the company’s productivity. Therefore, if an organisation implies innovative circumstances in the organisations and allows the employees to speak up, it would initiate effective communication among the employees and also energise the employees to come up with new ideas and create a suitable working environment. Thus, the water park should involve the employees in strategizing pa,ns to retain the customers and also maintain the good productivity.


As understood from the article of Manaliyo (2021), political circumstances play a great role in the case of organisation growth and development. Depending on the political scenario of the place the organisation can involve the customers and expand its reach. Further, depending on the political circumstances, individuals also select changes in their buying behaviour. Therefore. The water park should analyse the political factors of the pace and accordingly plan their innovations to maintain the visitors in off-seasons also. Moreover, they should also see that political influences do not damage the employee relationship because often political influences bring discriminatory or bullying practices in an organisation spoiling the work culture of the organisation.


Economy has a great importance in professional organisations. The whole setup of the organisation depends on the production and selling of the products in the company. Therefore, in the case of water park, it is essential to study the demand market of the visitors, strategize innovations so that regular money flow is maintained which is necessary for maintaining the organisations and also to retain employees so that the employees are properly paid and they are satisfied with the work and payment.

(AC1.2) The employer is not sure whether the individuals who work on a temporary basis during the cooler months are employees or not. Explain the difference between an employee, a worker and a self employed individual.

Employees are the ones who have a legal contract of working in the organisation and their employability is dependent on the decision of the employers. They will have a fixed paid salary, with other employment rights like leave, and other beneficiaries (Gimenez-Nadal et al., 2018). On the other hand, the self-employed personals are those who work on their own wish, they can leave the organisation whenever they wish to, the organisation would not have any control over them. They would also not receive any such fixed payment from the employers (Gimenez-Nadal et al., 2018). Whereas, workers are the ones who fall in between these two categories. In other words, the workers are the ones who are hired in the organisation by the employer but do not have such rights and contracts as the employees. They would receive a payment depending on their working capacity and they will also have the flexibility of the time span of working (Gimenez-Nadal et al., 2018). Therefore, considering such circumstances, the employers of the waterpark can identify their workers, employees and self-employed ones. This information can be obtained from the data of payment, working days of the individuals and also from the legal contract papers of the individuals.

(AC 1.3) Provide 3 reasons that explain to the employer why it is important to determine the employment status of the individuals working at the park.

Employment status is an important thing of consideration for an individual. They are required to understand the worth of the employment status (Kolenikov and Daley, 2017). As observed in this case study of water tanks, individuals are unaware about their employment status and as a result they are not having proper commands and control which they require to have once they are aware of their employment status. For instance, as discussed earlier, employees need to be abided by a set of legal rules and regulations and they have some preserved rights (CIPD, 2021). Thus, in order to gain such rights, the individuals must be aware of their employment status. Further, the wages are also dependent on their employment status. Thus, the individuals should be aware of their status so that they can obtain the proper wages from the organisation and nobody can take advantage of their lack of knowledge. Another important reason is to avoid the conflicts between the employers and the employees or rather to say, avoiding conflicts between the HR and the working individuals, each of them should know their employment status (CIPD, 2021). This will help in maintaining the decorum of the organisation and also to maintain employment relationships along with the productivity of the organisation.

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