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Activity 1.1:

1.1 Purpose and goals

In the year 1982 Samara started to operate and after lot of hard work it became top notch providers of Limousine Chauffer Drive, longer term corporate lease and car rental in Saudi Arabia. The main purpose of the company is to provide the customers with best quality services with its range of cars that includes both latest model regular and luxury cars such as SUVs, limousines, buses, sedans, vans and light trucks. The goals of the company includes becoming the most desired and reliable provider of ground movement in Saudi Arabia and offering transportation services which is safer to assist the growth of community and customers. The other goals focuses on constantly pushing the limits also execute best practices and technology to accomplish the exceptional outcomes. Moreover, the goal is to involve in tasks which gives value to the environment and society.

1.2 Services and products

Samara is perceived in Saudi Arabia as one of the leading service provider of rent a car. They give personalized services with different options such as measures for safety, choosing car, services of customer and other distinct needs.

The first service is long term corporate lease in which Samara is a leader since many years. Through the personalized plans of transportations it offers clients with not to worry about their transportation and concentrate on their business. The second service is on-call limousine which provides trustworthy services in KSA (Theriou & Chatzoglou, 2009). Samara has huge range extravagance cars and it is the leader of giving limo service along with chauffer. The company consists of devoted and experienced team of considerable trained chauffeurs would provide unmatchable extravagance experience. Irrespective of the needs the company offers with exceptional limousine for business traveling, meetings, business events, transportation to airport and routine requirements of transport.

The other service is car rental in which the company offers great value service of rent a car to business customers that sign up to get a limo driven by chauffer or business lease for long term. The team of sales helps by giving information to business client’s visitors and staff to get advantage from its services. Therefore, the company offers a travel that is free of trouble, maintenance facilities on road and other selected incentives. Furthermore, Samara offers logistics services in the name of SamaraCart. In this the company has made partnerships with companies to assist its clients efficiently. Also, the company believes in consistent services to its clients and mobility of the country as well as the client’s welfare cleansing its car on daily basis also keeping the increased extents of hygiene practices.

In terms of the customers which Samara considers as its biggest assets. It has developed its services to fulfill the needs of its customers and to go above the expectations of clients. Additionally, the firm is observed as the highly reliable transportation service in KSA and the customers of the company consist of some leading brand and firms from around the world. Some of the customers of Samara are Zajil, Careem, BMW, Baker Hudghes, Magadi, Kia, Saudi Aramco, Dodsal, Nesma and others.

1.3 External factors

Political factor for the company is concerned with policies of safety. Such as car driving viewed as very dangerous and the airplanes are also dangerous. The people consider crashing of a plane is more dangerous than a car accident. In consequence, the government has applied strict policies of safety for the company. It makes it complex for the new businesses to introduce themselves into the market and assist the present ones to keep their position in marketplace. Economic factor for the company observes on the rising disposable incomes (Sheehan, 2014). People around the globe are generated greater amount of money. It shows they have greater sum of money to spending on luxury goods and services. The more demand for the chauffer driven cars shows there is increase in demand for the services of Samara which will give the company more profit.

Sociocultural factor depicts on driving importance has increased. It has become common for the businesses and families to drive in a chauffeur driven car and it has been gaining more and more importance. Technology factor is that there is the highest change influencing the company is the progression of technology that is self-driving. It will impact the company in future as the companies are offering self-driven experience which will change the way people drive. It is crucial for the organization to remain relevant with the trends of market and continue successfully.

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