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CIPD 5DVP is an assignment that requires learners to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of effective learning and development (L&D) within an organization. This assignment is designed to assess the learners’ ability to critically evaluate the role and impact of L&D, design and deliver effective learning solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness of L&D interventions.

To complete this assignment, learners are typically required to provide examples of L&D interventions that they have designed and delivered, along with a critical evaluation of their effectiveness. They may also be asked to analyze the impact of L&D on individual and organizational performance, identify key stakeholders and their roles in L&D, and develop strategies for managing L&D projects.

Some examples of L&D interventions that learners might discuss in their assignments include coaching and mentoring programs, leadership development initiatives, e-learning programs, and on-the-job training programs. The assignment may also require learners to consider the use of different learning methods, such as experiential learning, blended learning, or social learning, and evaluate their effectiveness in different contexts.

Overall, the CIPD 5DVP assignment is an opportunity for learners to demonstrate their ability to apply theoretical concepts and principles to real-world L&D challenges and to develop practical, evidence-based solutions that meet the needs of organizations and individuals

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Part 1

Provide a summary of your self-assessment in approximately 250 words for example, key development identified, any surprises, how useful you found the exercise (AC3.2)

To summarize, I can say that my learning has been quite holistic and I have learnt many new things related to people practice and HR profession in general. I have learnt about the CIPD professional map and the various important core areas of knowledge, core behaviours and the specialist areas. I have understood how important these areas such as change management, business acumen, and culture and behaviours. Through the self-assessment I learnt many important things about how much I have progressed. I have also clearly identified some important areas to develop my practice. I have understood some important areas which I should work on and develop even further. These areas shall be instrumental in improving my professional practice. While I have understood many things clearly, such as importance of valuing people and ethical practices as HRM, there are many aspects which I could not adequately understand. One such important area is people analytics, and I want to learn the main analytical tools and techniques which are essential in this purpose. In addition, I need to learn better communication and negotiation capabilities which I greatly lack. One of the essential qualities of the HRM is to be able to properly negotiate. However, I am unable to understand the basic principles and therefore I need to further gain more experience in this area. I also need to learn more about the different performance management methods and techniques which are essential for the HR functions.

From the self-assessment, identify areas you would like to develop and devise your own CPD Plan (AC3.2). This should be future-based.

There is a total of three main aspects which I need to learn further in order to ensure good performance at organizational level. Firstly, I need to learn well about people analytics, which is very important in the present-day context. Secondly, I need to learn more about negotiation and how to negotiate with people and ensure that a mutually beneficial agreement is arrived at. Thirdly, I want to learn better communications and communicate well in professional field. This is one of the most essential skills which would be very important in future for my personal growth.

This should include 3 CPD options to meet your identified needs explaining why you have chosen that option (AC3.3)

  • Continuing Professional Development Plan – HRM3SDW (5DVP)
People analyticsI will gain theoretical knowledge about people analytics and learn the various methods of people analytics and their significanceI would need support from my supervisors and ensure better analysis of theTo be able to use people analytics for the benefit of my companyDecember 2021
negotiationI shall watch videos on YouTube and read various factsheets.I would need factsheets and time for learning more about negotiationTo be able to effectively negotiate in the organizational contextJanuary 2022
CommunicationI will communicate more with my peers to understand how best to improve my communicationsI would need support from my peers and supervisorsTo be able to communicate effectively in organizational contextFebruary 2022

Prepare a CPD Record that includes 3-6 learning experiences that have been significant to your professional development. This should be work related experience/activities that you have undertaken in the last 6 months. (AC3.3).

Continuing Professional Development Record – HRM3SDW (5DVP)

May 2021Learnt about the roles and responsibilities of HR To be effective in people practice it is important to have a clear knowledge of roles of HRI learnt the important roles and responsibilities of HR  I will further enhance my knowledge on the role of HR and perform these roles in a professional context.
June 2021Learnt about importance of employee engagementThis is because employee engagement is important to maintain a strong workforce.I learnt that HR needs to engage with the employees at all levelsI will ensure adequate employee engagement when I work for the companies.
July 2021I learnt about the methods of recruitment and selection  This is because one of the core functions of HR is to recruit and select employeesI learnt about various ways of recruitment and selectionI will follow these rules of recruitment for better performance.

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